Innovation Oriented

In this increasing competitive market environment, no matter you sells online or your are a retailer, there is no hesitate to become an innovator. Innovator lives longer, innovator earns more. 

Shanghai Conqueror Sports is an innovation driven company. With innovative design, experienced product and producing knowledge. We can offer you creative ideas when choosing and designing your products. 

Dedicated Product Quality 

Manufacturing earns by decreasing cost, competition wins depends on excellent quality management. Developing products in good quality and competitve price is our untiring persuit. 

High Efficient Production and Excellent Service

With clear aim on-on time delivery and high efficient commnunication, our team is urgent and preoccupied with what our customers want.

Built up in 2019, Conqueror Sports is a young but full of passion company. We hope to work with you to conquer every barrier in the pass of perfection.